Ryan Hanson

Training and coaching philosophy: I have reached a high level of understanding of the mechanisms behind strength, skill development, muscular hypertrophy and body fat loss, how each relates to one another and the fastest way to achieve each through diet and training. This understanding is reflected in every element of my programming design, impacting exercise selection, volume, intensity, frequency, etc.

Every client who is consistent receives a custom-written, periodized program they can communicate to me with, remotely using Google Sheets. I do not put my clients or athletes through stretching or extensive mobility routines. 99% of mobility is addressed during quick warmups or proper motor patterning.

I empower my clients to the best of my ability and show them how strong they are from day one and give them the tools they need to improve moving forward. No matter the age or ability level, strength can always be found, then built upon.

  • Health Education and Promotion / Exercise Science degree from Oklahoma State University
  • Practiced as an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer for 6 years
  • In-person and online powerlifting coach for competitive and noncompetitive athletes for 6 years
  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Competitive powerlifting athlete – competed at USAPL Raw Nationals in 2019
  • Former Crossfit-style class instructor and powerlifting class instructor
  • Provide interactive online powerlifting, powerbuilding and bodybuilding programming through Google Sheets.
  • Extremely high level of knowledge in nutrition
  • Experience from teen to geriatric populations (very experienced in geriatric)
  • 650 hours of experience in a Physical Therapy setting