Patrick Porter

BS Exercise Sports Science, NASM CPT

Patrick graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor degree of Exercise Sports Science. Patrick personally trained, power-lifted and managed the San Marcos Athletic Club throughout college. After graduating he decided to open and operate a personal training facility for several years until moving into the sports supplement industry. During his time owning his supplement company he suffered an injury which led him to the discovery of the Neufit device.

During the rehabilitation process he quickly realized the Nuefit device was not only for rehabilitation purposes but it produced amazing results on all body parts by directly stimulating the muscle groups you want to enhance. It was at this time he decided to become a certified Neurological Fitness Specialist through Nuefit. Patrick builds a highly efficient fitness program customized to you that targets your diet, supplementation, and training regimen to obtain substantial results.

BS Exercise Sports Science
Neufit Certified Neurological Fitness Specialist
NASM Personal Trainer Certification
NASM Nutrition Certification
12 years Personal Training and Diet Coaching

Facts about Patrick Porter -
12 years Personal Training and Diet Coaching