Kelechi Mbonu

B.S. Exercise Science from Texas State University

My name is Kelechi Mbonu, Im originally from the north side of Houston, Texas, and I moved to Austin in the fall of 2022. I attended Texas State University and received my bachelors degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a concentration in Health and Fitness Management. After graduating, I went back home to Houston and worked as a Personal Trainer out of a facility in The Woodlands, Texas.

For me, fitness started out as just a means to lose excess weight that I had to put on in order to play highschool football, but once I started enduring that form of self improvement and seeing visual progress, the process became extremely addictive and my time spent training and improving myself both physically and mentally became extremely euphoric. Fitness and training became a hobby, then an outlet, and then a passion. As a trainer, my main goal is to not only help a potential client see visual progress, but to eventually help them turn this process into a passion the way it did for me.