Evrett Paist

NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
Evrett Paist is a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer. He owns Tier1 Performance Massage Therapy (tier1massage.com – @tier1massage) and specializes in myofascial massage therapy, postural correction, and strength training.

He holds advanced certifications from Functional Range Systems (FRS) on sports massage therapy and soft tissue pathology in addition to The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) on correctingposture and movement issues stemming from asymmetry and breathing dysfunction.

Texas LMT

FR – Soft tissue and joint mobility
– Certs – Spine
– Lower Limb
– Upper Limb
PRI – Breath work and postural correction.
– Certs – Pelvis Restoration
– Postural Respiration
– Myokinematic Restoration
– Impingement & Instability
– Cervical Revolution
– Advanced Integration
– Non-Manual Techniques