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At Los Campeones, our personal trainers are running their own businesses, with minimal overhead, which is the rent we charge. Anything above and beyond that is your income, no limits, you make the rules. Maybe your dream is to have your own training center or have employees under you some day? At Los Campeones there is an abundance of support and a sense of belonging as a personal trainer. We are like a big family and we take a lot of pride in what we do, we are all in it together to make each other better. If you’re ready to start your business with Los Campeones, fill out the form below!

In the long run there’s no comparison between being an employee and operating your own business. As an employee you’re developing client relationships and referrals for someone else, likely a corporation. All that effort and dedication you put in for years is subject to non-compete clauses and you’re likely to lose everything you had worked for when you decide to move on, perhaps to another gym or even if you start up your own business. Knowing you’re making money for a corporation and that there’s is a cap to your income isn’t exactly motivating but you will tend to generate some income on a more-immediate basis.